ID Theft Protection and Device Security

You may be mindful about taking steps to protect your identity, but you can miss certain threats if you’re just monitoring your credit card and bank statements. LifeLock sees more, like someone taking out an online payday loan in your name or changing your address without authorization, or that your personal information is on the dark web.

YNHHS offers Norton LifeLock ID Theft Protection and Device Security, which protects you and your information from falling victim to identity theft. Get alerts to possible identity threats, the ability to proactively lock accounts, and if your identity is stolen, they work to fix it. Plus, get access to funds reimbursement, should you become a victim. If elected, your coverage is paid through payroll deductions.

Coverage Options

YNHHS offers these additional benefits to help meet the diverse needs of our employees. Available to full- and part-time employees scheduled to work 24 or more hours per week.

When can I enroll?

You can enroll in this benefit anytime during the year through our enrollment website.

Ready to Enroll?

To enroll or make changes to your benefits, visit bswift, our secure, online enrollment website. You’ll be prompted to enter your YNHHS username and password. If you are enrolling before your hire date, use this link to visit bswift and follow the temporary username and password instructions there. If you run into problems, call HRConnect at 844-543-2147. Need more info first? You’ll find details at HRConnect.