EdAssist by Bright Horizons

“Someday, I’ll go back to school…”

Your someday has arrived. Go as far as your dreams can take you with your employer-provided education program.

Here’s what you have access to:

  • Affordable education: Take advantage of low-cost or debt-free program options.
  • Exclusive discounts: Save on tuition and other fees at 200+ accredited network schools.
  • Support along the way: One-on-one coaching gives you help for every step.
  • Programs that fit your goals: Customize an education plan that matches your professional pursuits.
  • Support with student loans: Pay down student loan debt faster with financial contributions from your employer and expert advice.
  • Resources and motivation: Webinars and blogs offer encouragement and keep you in-the-know on industry best practices, career growth opportunities, and more.

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